Gina Marie  Happy Birthday Gina - June 1, 1967

June 1, 2013

Brian came into town and we all went to the cemetery to wish you happy 46th birthday. 

You would think after all these years it would get easier.  I miss you so much.

I'm sending hugs, kisses and love to you.  Know that I will always be proud to say, "Gina Marie, your are my daughter."

Happy Birthday!!  Love, Mom

June 1, 2012

What does one say about your 45th birthday except we wish we could give you a big birthday hug and kiss.  I know you would be going crazy because you would be turning 45 - but I also know you would be giving me a bad time that I had a daughter that was 45.  All that would have been fun. 

Gina, just know that we love and miss you very much and we are always honored to say you are our daughter.

Love, Mom

June 1, 2011

Happy 44th birthday my daughter - I wish I could give you a big birthday hug.  I love you and miss you very much.

Your birthday balloon and flowers have been put out for you - I hope you enjoy them.

We miss you and love you!  Love, Mom

June 1, 2010

Dad and I went to the cemetery yesterday to put out your happy birthday balloons - as we were standing there I said I just can't believe you would have been 43 years old; then I said that I could just hear you going crazy that you were turning 43 - "I can't believe I'm so old" is just what you would say.  I sure wish we could have that fun conversation and that I could give you a big birthday kiss and hug.

Know that I'm sending your lots of love and birthday wishes heaven bound.  I sure do miss you.

Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter!!  Love, Mom

June 1, 2009

Here we are again - my sending you happy birthday wishes - sure wish I could just give you a big hug instead of typing my feelings about this day.

Dad and I will go to the cemetery this afternoon and put out some pretty flowers and balloons for your birthday - just a little something for us to acknowledge your special day.

I miss you Gina, I miss your smile, your laughter and your voice. But most of all I miss your love!!

Happy Birthday my dear daughter!!!  Love, Mom

June 1, 2008

Another June 1st, another day that I celebrate your birthday without you.  41 years old - WOW!! 

Dad and I will be going to the cemetery this afternoon to wish you happy birthday.  Hope you will enjoy the flowers we will leave for you.  We will celebrate you by remembering your 26 years of life and all the happy birthdays that you had.  You always loved your birthday - it was YOUR day!!!

We recently had a friend say to us, "think of her with every rainbow you see in the sky."  Gina, I will never look at a rainbow the same - I will always remember you when I see one.

I miss you (your loss is sometimes just unbearable) and love you so much.  I hope you can feel the hugs and love that are being sent your way today.

Happy birthday!!  I love and miss you.  Love, Mom

June 1, 2007

Oh my, you should be turning 40 today.  I'm sure you would be freaking out saying things like, "I can't believe I'm turning 40.  Hey Mom, do you feel older now that you have a 40 year old daughter?"

Gina, I sure wish I could hear those words; if only I could hear your laughter about turning the big 40.

We went to the cemetery and put beautiful pink and purple (your favorite color) flowers out for you - along with a happy birthday balloon.  I sure wish I could have given you a birthday kiss and hug.  Know that I am sending them heaven bound.

This is so wrong, so very wrong.

I love you Gina and will always be honored to call you my daughter!!

With love, Mom

June 1, 2006

Happy birthday my beautiful daughter.  I miss you so much!

Love, Mom

June 1, 2005

Yes, today we were at the cemetery celebrating your 38th birthday.  

We've had a busy few days; your New York cousins were in town over the weekend and they wanted to go to the cemetery and wish you happy birthday.  So we all went, your brother, your cousins and your Grandma. How hard this must be for her to realize her oldest granddaughter died before her.  Of course, everyone understands that someone else made that choice for you, someone else decided when you were to die.

Gina, I miss you so much; everyone misses you!  I think I miss your smile the most!!

Happy Birthday, Gina

Love ya, Kid!!  Mom

June 1, 2004

To my Gina, you would have turned 37 years old today.  WOW, that's hard to believe.  But what is harder to believe is that it's been 11 years, June 9, since you, Shaun and Joshua were murdered.

I miss you so much and want to just give you a big birthday hug.  Please know I'm sending you those hugs and kisses your way.  I love you so much and really do miss your smiling face.

Love, Mom

June 5, 2003

On June 1 I was on an airplane and spent a lot of time looking out the window at the beautiful clouds and remembering all the wonderful birthdays that you had.  Each one with its own special memories.  We went to the cemetery on Monday and brought you some beautiful flowers plus one pink rose - you always loved roses.

Gina, it's so hard to even consider that you would have turned 36 years old.  It's been 10 years since I saw your beautiful face and heard your voice.  Oh, how I miss you.

Happy birthday, my daughter.  I will forever love you, Mom

June 1, 2002

As I look at the clock it's 11:32 in the morning - 35 years ago you would have been 8 hours old.  You were so cute - lots of dark hair and big brown eyes.  I can remembering just looking at you and thinking, "you're so beautiful and so perfect!"

As we always do - we're going out to dinner tonight for your birthday - we'll make a toast in your memory and send you lots of love.

See you at the cemetery, Gina - I love you and happy birthday!  Love, Mom

June 9, 2001

Gina, sorry I'm late with your birthday wish - it's been a rough time for me this year - I'm not sure why - why this year is harder to face your birthday and then, nine days later, the anniversary of your death - but it is.

On your birthday I went to the cemetery and put flowers and a balloon out for you - I hope you liked them.  Today, the eighth anniversary of your murder I will go again to say "hello" and give you flowers and a balloon.  I always say to myself when I do these ritual things - what's wrong with this picture - I shouldn't have to be saying "happy birthday" or "I miss and love you" to my daughter (and grandsons) in this way.

Three days before your birthday we got the message that your murderer had lost another appeal.  I know you were as happy as we were - what a wonderful birthday gift for you.  Justice stands!

I miss you so much Gina.  Know that I will always love you.  Happy 34th birthday.  Love, Mom

May 31, 2000

Here I am again Gina, on the eve of your 33rd birthday wondering what you would have thought of turning 33 years old - I bet you would have been going crazy talking about how old you were getting.

Today I listened to an audio tape that I made for you on your 21st birthday.  On that tape I had included a portion of an audio tape your Grandpa made for you on your third birthday.  I remember, when you heard the tape on your third birthday, how excited you were that he made you your very own birthday tape.  You never really knew your Grandpa - but oh how he loved his Gina Marie.  Now to think you're both gone.   How sad!

It doesn't get any easier Gina - another June 1 of not being happy because the reason to celebrate is gone.

I send you my love and lots of tears of sadness that you will forever be 26 years old.

Love, Mom

June 1, 1999

Gina, I went to the cemetery today to wish you happy birthday.  I sure hope you heard me.  I miss you so much.  It's hard to believe 32 years have passed since you were born - and almost six of those years have been spent without you. 

Gina, please know I'll always love and miss you.

Love, Mom

May 31, 1998

As I sit here, the eve of what would have been your 31st birthday, I think back to the day you were born. You were such a beautiful baby with large brown eyes and loads of brown hair.

I can remember looking at you and wondering just what would you be when you grew up. Of course, my mind went wild with ideas — from a wife and mother to the president of our country — but not dead — not murdered at the age of 26.

Gina, I love looking over your pictures for those 26 years. Memories, wonderful memories. The nice thing about memories — they don't burn in a fire.

Happy birthday, my daughter.

Love, Mom

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