Joshua Lee  Happy Birthday Joshua

November 10, 2013

I write this on what would have been your 21st birthday - I think of the fun I would have had kidding you about getting "so old" - after all 21 is a threshold that everyone is excited about reaching.  I do wish we had reached that special day together.  Grandpa and I will visit you at the cemetery and bring you some balloons and wish you a very happy 21st.  I miss you!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2012

            Happy Birthday, Joshua!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2011

Today we were out-of-town telling your story in a prison in Pennsylvania - everybody smiled when I said today was your 19th birthday.  They also cried when I asked them "who do you think Joshua would be today?"  It's all so very sad.

We went to the cemetery on Sunday and put out your happy birthday balloons.  We got a message that a friend of ours, Debbie, went and visited you today for your birthday.  She said that she knew we were going to be out-of-town so she went by and said "hello" and wished you happy birthday!  Wasn't that nice!!!!!

Happy birthday - know that we love you as much as we did the day you were born.  We miss you even more!!!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2010

18 years old - that's what you would be celebrating today.  What does one say about that when you are frozen in time as a little baby that was just learning to sit up and to crawl.  As we always do we sent books to the Jeannette, PA library in memory of you and Shaun's birthdays.  It's our way of celebrating your birth and remembering the short time we had with you.  Good memories!!  Happy Birthday, Joshua - know I am sending you tons of birthday hugs.  I miss you and love you so much!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Joshua, Happy Birthday to You!!  WOW, 17 years old.  As usual, Grandpa and I went to the cemetery on Sunday and put up a "happy birthday" sign for you and a birthday balloon - everyone walking by will know it is your birthday; hopefully they'll stop and send a little wish your way.  Uncle Brian was thinking of you today and wondering if you would be a senior or a junior in high school because of the way your birthday fell.  I like to think you would be a senior and having all the fun high school seniors have.  I'm sure you would be looking forward to selecting the college of your dreams and moving into adulthood.  I miss you, your brother and your mommy so much.  I'm sending you hugs and kisses for your special day.  I love and miss you!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2008

16 years old!!  WOW - you would be driving and more than likely asking for a car.  Grandpa and I went to the cemetery yesterday and put out a happy birthday balloon for you.  Uncle Brian and I talked about you this morning and were wondering just what kind of person you would have grown up to be.  I wish I could see your smiling face and give you 16 birthday kisses!!  Know that Grandpa, Uncle Brian and I are sending you lots of love and birthday hugs.  Love, Nonie

November 12, 2007

Joshua, we went to the cemetery and put out a happy birthday balloon for you in honor of your 15th birthday.  WOW - 15 - that's so hard to believe.  Sure wish I could give you a big hug and a kiss.  Know that I think of you everyday and miss you.  Happy Birthday and I'm sending hugs your way.  Love, Nonie

December 16, 2006

Joshua and Shaun, I have been trying to figure out what to say this year on your birthdays.  There just doesn't seem to be the words.  Oh, we did the usual things - went to the cemetery on both your birthdays and put out Happy Birthday signs and sent you lots of hugs and kisses - but this year there just didn't seem to be the words.  The words to express how much we miss you; how much we wish we could have celebrated your 14th and 17th birthdays; how much we wish we could have watched you grow into the handsome young men you could have become.  Joshua and Shaun, please know that you are missed everyday and everyday lots of love is sent your way.  Know that your Nonie will never forget you.  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2005

I just can not believe that you would be 13 years old.  Grandpa and I went to the cemetery today and put out a balloon for your birthday and sent you birthday wishes.  I hope you heard us.

Joshua, I'm sending you lots of hugs and kisses.  Happy birthday!!  Love, Nonie

November 10, 2004

12 years old - WOW - almost a teenager you would have been.  It seems like yesterday that you were born.  Sure wish we had been able to spend the last 12 years getting to know each other - what fun things we could have done to make wonderful memories for both of us.

Joshua, I love you and miss you each day.  Happy birthday, my baby grandson.   Love, Nonie

November 11, 2003

Joshua, we were on an airplane yesterday, your 11th birthday.  I hope you felt me sending you happy birthday wishes as I looked out the window at all the beautiful clouds.

Uncle Brian went to the cemetery and put a happy birthday balloon out for you.   We'll visit you this weekend and give you some birthday flowers.

I love you today as much as I did the day you were born.  Love, Nonie

November 11, 2002

Grandpa and I went to the cemetery today and put flowers and a Winnie the Pooh Happy Birthday sign out for you.  As I looked at the sign and your name and birth-date on the head stone I realized that you would be very unhappy because Winnie the Pooh is for "little boys" and you would be ten.  Unfortunately, you are forever frozen in time at seven-months - you'll always be my "baby grandson, Joshua."

Happy 10th Birthday, Joshua - we love and miss you.

November 12, 2001

Joshua, for some reason this year your birthday is harder than usual.  I think the reality that you would be nine years old is so hard to vision.  Our baby grandson would be growing up.  I'm so sorry that we were robbed of the past nine years.

Happy Birthday, Joshua - we love you. 

November 8, 2000

Here we are coming upon another birthday.  Joshua, it's so hard to believe that you would have been eight years old on November 10. WOW - that just seems so unreal.   I guess, my baby grandson, it is unreal because we'll never celebrate any birthdays together.  We'll just have to celebrate in our minds - Nonie and Grandpa will be at the cemetery with flowers and balloons - I know you'll be right there with us giving us a kiss of love.

As I look at your picture on this screen my mind races back to when we had the picture taken.  Gosh, your were only three weeks old.  You were having so much fun because everyone was making such a fuss over you. 

Oh, Joshua, how I wish you were here right now so I could give you a big hug and kiss.   I love you - happy birthday.

November 10, 1999

Joshua Lee, what would you have been like on this, your seventh birthday.  As a second grader, I'm sure you would be wanting to know about everything and asking all kinds of questions.

I'll spend today dreaming of the questions that you never were able to ask, the things you didn't get to learn, the world you didn't get to know.  I'll spend today knowing that the world was cheated out of a great opportunity of knowing my wonderful grandson, Joshua Lee.

Today, my day will be filled with all my love for you - Happy Birthday - I love you!

November 10, 1998

Someone asked me today how old you would have been - when I replied with 6 years old I was amazed.  To think of the little baby that I knew you as being a "little man" - going to school - it was something I couldn't even focus on in my mind's eye.  You will always be frozen in time as a baby.

I will always think of you, Joshua, as the little boy that I didn't get to know.  The memories - even only seven months of them are wonderful.  You would have been so much fun to get to know.  I'm sure you would have called me Nonie as your big brother did - what beautiful music that would have been.

Happy birthday my baby grandson - I love you! 


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