Gina, Shaun and Joshua

Positive long-range plans

A woman needs to talk to people who can help. Good friends can lend support and guidance. Organizations that are devoted to women's concerns and not bound by society's traditions can assist her. They might help her explore her options in new ways. Emergency shelters for women, hotlines, women's organizations, social service agencies, community mental health centers, and hospital emergency rooms are all possible sources of support. Above all, a woman has to determine her own best course of action. Positive measures such as confiding in a relative on whom she can depend, talking seriously with a trusted friend, or consulting with a sympathetic counselor are steps in the right direction. With the help of informal and formal help sources, including individual counseling for the husband as well as herself, a woman maybe able to bring an end to the problem. It has been observed that abused women need to develop better feelings about themselves--that is, change their self-image. In her book "Stopping Wife Abuse," Jennifer Baker-Fleming says the following attitudes are positive and useful:

(source: National Institute of Mental Health)

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