Shaun EdwardHappy Birthday Shaun

December 1, 2013

Grandpa and I are getting ready to go to the cemetery to put out your birthday balloons.  It is very cold today so we won't stay long but know that our hearts are warm with the visions we have of the 3 1/2 years we had with you.  We miss you Shaun and wish we could give you a birthday kiss for your 24th birthday!!  Love and hugs, Nonie

December 1, 2012

Happy birthday, Shaun!  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2011

Happy 22nd birthday Shaun.  Today is a bright, sunny day - Heaven is celebrating your birthday.

I find it so hard to believe you would be 22 - it goes beyond words.  A handsome young man you would have become.

Your birthday balloon and birthday sign are out at the cemetery.  I hope you feel the birthday hugs that Grandpa, Uncle Brian and I are sending you.  We miss you so much.

Happy Birthday!!!  Love, Nonie

December 5, 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting your birthday wish, the computer crashed.  I'm sure at the age of 21 years you would have loved computers. 

Grandpa and I went to the cemetery last Sunday and put out your birthday balloon.

21 years is to be a special birthday celebration - I'm sorry Shaun that we weren't able to do that for you.  It is so sad that you're not here.

I miss you and love you very much!  Happy Birthday my little man!  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2009

What does one say when their grandchild turns 20 - "I can't believe he's 20, how did he get so old, the years just flew."  What does one say when their grandchild should have turned 20 but he doesn't because he is dead - "I can't believe he would have been 20, I wish I could just hug him one more time."

It's all very sad - but, of course, you know that - you know that Grandpa and I went to the cemetery on Sunday and put out the traditional "happy birthday" balloon for you.  You already know that I was singing "happy birthday to Shaun" as we were leaving the cemetery.  Of course, Uncle Brian was thinking of you today; and you already know that you are missed so very much.  It's all very, very sad.

Shaun, I love and miss you.  There are lots of birthday hugs and kisses being sent heaven bound to you today.  Love, Nonie

December 8, 2008

Shaun, Grandpa and I went to the cemetery today to take down your Happy Birthday sign and balloon that we had put up last week for your 19th birthday.  Like last week I just stood there looking at your headstone and saying, "I just can't believe that he would have been 19 years old."  My little man would have been all grown up.  My memories of you are with those big brown beautiful eyes and your great smile and laugh.  Shaun, if for only a moment I would love to see that smile and hear that laugh once again.  I miss and love you.  Happy 19th my Grandson.  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2007

Shaun, I'm getting ready to go to the cemetery to put out your Happy Birthday sign and balloon and I'm just speechless to think of you at 18 year old.  WOW.  I've been telling everyone that you would have turned 18 today and they all shake their heads.  Everyone has the same response - "what a waste" - a waste of three young lives!!!
I love you Shaun just as much as I did 18 years ago when I saw you when you were just minutes old.  Hugs and kisses are sent your way!!  Happy Birthday!!  Love, Nonie

December 16, 2006

Shaun and Joshua, I have been trying to figure out what to say this year on your birthdays.  There just doesn't seem to be the words.  Oh, we did the usual things - went to the cemetery on both your birthdays and put out Happy Birthday signs and sent you lost of hugs and kisses - but this year there just didn't seem to be the words.  The words to express how much we miss you; how much we wish we could have celebrated your 17th and 14th birthdays; how much we wish we could have watched you grown into the handsome young men you could have become.  Shaun and Joshua, please know that you are missed everyday and everyday lots of love is sent your way.  Know that your Nonie will never forget you.  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2005

16 years old!!!!  I just can't believe my "little man" would be turning 16 years old.  Oh, how I wish I could have watched you grow into a teenager - what a handsome young man I know you would have become.  Shaun, I miss you so much.  Please know that Grandpa, Uncle Brian and Nonie are sending you lots of birthday hugs and kisses.  Happy 16th birthday, Shaun, we love you!!  Love, Nonie.

December 1, 2004

Shaun, something funny happened at the cemetery today as Grandpa and I were putting your Winnie the Pooh stuff out in celebration of your birthday.   I had a vision of you, up there in heaven, going, "Nonie, I'm 15 years old now - enough with the Winnie the Pooh.  What a funny image.  But, you see Shaun, you are frozen in time to me at 3 1/2 years old who loved his Winnie the Pooh.

Happy birthday, Shaun.  I love and miss you so much!!!!  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2003

Shaun, yesterday Grandpa and I went to the cemetery and put out a "happy birthday" balloon for you.  Hope you liked it.

Tonight, your uncle came over and we had a birthday dinner in your honor.  A friend said that he knew you would be right with us at the dinner table.

Happy 14th Birthday Shaun - seems just like yesterday that you were born - you were a beautiful baby. I know at 14 you would be growing into a handsome young man.  Boy do I miss you!!  Love, Nonie

December 1, 2002

Today you would have turned 13 years old - a teenager - moving into adulthood.  Oh, Shaun, how I wish we would have been able to celebrate this special time in your life - such an exciting time for young people.

We went to the cemetery today - we put out a "happy birthday" sign for you - after all today is a very special day, it's your 13th birthday.

I'm sending you hugs and kisses along with all my love.   Happy Birthday, Shaun!!  I love you.

December 1, 2001

        Happy Birthday to my grandson who would have been 12 years old today - I miss you "little man"

December 1, 2000

Shaun, I was told a saying today - it goes like this -

                    When someone you love
                    Becomes a memory,
                    The memory
                    Becomes a Treasure.

That's what you are to me - a wonderful treasure.  I am so happy, if only for 3 1/2 short years, I was able to know you and love you.

Happy 11th birthday, my grandson!

December 1, 1999

Shaun, it's so hard to believe that you would have been 10 years old today.   It just seems so long since I held you, heard your voice, and saw those beautiful brown eyes.

I looked at all your first year pictures today - such wonderful memories.

Happy Birthday my wonderful grandson!

December 1, 1998

Nine years ago I was in the birthing room when you were born.  My first grandchild.  What a wonderful and exciting time.  It's hard to believe that's been so long since you were born - and so very long since I last saw you.  I always thought you had the most beautiful brown eyes.  They were so full of love and laughter.

Shaun, I miss you so much and I miss your voice on the phone - saying "Nonie, I love you!" 

I love you too Shaun, I always will.  And, oh how I miss you.

Happy birthday my little man.

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